IRS Tax and Audit Services

Audits can be stressful for any business and/or individual undermining daily functioning. In fact, IRS Tax Audits have been reported one of the scariest situations for businesses and/or individuals.

At 8CorePlus, our experts will help resolve problems associated with taxes and alleviating stress that the IRS can cause. Our team prides at being very effective, affordable, diligent, and discrete/confidential.

8CorePlus is apt to help you with the following IRS related problems:

  • Wage Garnishment: Deduction of money from an employees monthly earning due to unpaid taxes. IRS will levy wages after numerous letters and warnings regarding pending/unpaid taxes. Levying wages is one of the most aggressive form of collection strategies implemented by the IRS to collect unpaid taxes. IRS will try various available options before levying someone’s wages. Our team will help you understand how garnishments work to formulate appropriate course of action to avoid such circumstances or prevent IRS from taking wages.
  • Bank Levy: IRS can seize property to collect tax debts. It can deduct (take) money from your monthly wages, banks, and/or other financial accounts including but not limited to selling vehicle, estate, and/or personal property. You should contact the professional at 8CorePlus if you have been summoned ‘Final Notice of Intent to Levy coupled with Notice of Your Right’ to hearing. We can also help if a IRS Notice of Levy against your employee, vendor, or third party has been issued.
  • Threatening Letters: IRS has been known to carry out threats, ignoring such an attempt by IRS can result in unfortunate circumstances. At 8CorePlus, we can help you review the facts in the letter. We can also help you with calculations about your liabilities and respond appropriately. We can help you being proactive in resolving the situation before the IRS becomes proactive themselves. Doing so will help manage situation relatively better.
  • IRS Audit Notification: An Audit Letter From the IRS can be stressful. It is important that you do not panic. Letters to communicate are used by IRS about their audits. The deadlines associate with IRS audit should be taken seriously. Our staff will help you review the items that are being contested and prepare your responses. We will help you choose the right approach to resolve the issue without further penalties.
  • Non-Filing: Did you forget to file your taxes? IRS will file ‘substitute return’ for you in such scenario. Rather than IRS filing such a return for you, you can contact us to help you file previous year tax return to capture any necessary deductions to help you maximize your return and save money.
  • Liens: A federal tax lien arises when a tax return is filed and the tax isn’t paid after a demand for payment has been made. By law the lien is in favor of the United States and is upon all property and rights to property of the person with the unpaid tax. It gives the IRS the authority to seize any proceeds from sales of real estate owned by a delinquent taxpayer. To protect the government’s right of priority against other parties who are owed money by the same person, the IRS will file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, which puts other creditors on notice about the IRS’s claim.
  • Offers-in-Compromise: Reduce Your IRS Debt with an Offer-In-Compromise - Qualifying for an offer-in-compromise settlement can save you thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest. An offer-in-compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS to settle the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed. Absent special circumstances, an offer will not be accepted if the IRS believes that the liability can be paid in full as a lump sum or through a payment agreement.

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