Bank Financing

Loans and Line of Credit are backbone that keeps business afloat.

Requesting a business loan can be stressful, time consuming, and tedious proposition, which is even more difficult considering the current financial environment.

Inappropriate and/or incomplete application with ambiguous or improper documentation can result in denial of such loan application – demeaning a business as High Risk. Hence, it is paramount that a business should be prepared and organized when approaching a bank or other creditor for financing.

It serves to follow an old adage – ‘Put your best foot forward’ when reaching out for financing through a bank and/or creditor. Allow 8CorePlus take a lead in securing financing (loans/line of credit) through your preferred creditor/bank. Our proposal have had higher success rate in securing needed finances.

8CorePlus has stayed abreast with ever-changing pre-requisites and supportive documents while applying for a loan/credit. Our efforts ‘get you the money you need for your businesses with the knowledge of what the banks evaluate while reviewing such applications.

We provide the following when your business is considering loans/line of credit:

  • Executive Summary: Outlining the purpose of the loan, relevant information including amount requested, explanation about the purpose and its usage.
  • Financial Statements: Reports and appropriate data while preparing needed applications and evidences that can be reviewed by the banks efficiently.
  • Personal Financial Statements: Gather information including but not limited to previous (3-4 years) tax returns and information about possible collateral.
  • Formal Representation: Advocate your financial needs to your bank in person and/or via virtual proxy, as needed.