We understand the complexity and stress associate with business operations.

Given the multi-facet nature of business owner, it’s difficult to extrapolate time from busy schedule to keep up with bookkeeping for accurate records.

8CorePlus makes it easy by providing you exceptional bookkeeping services for appropriate and organized data entry and record management. We have a team of trained qualified experts with extensive experience with bookkeeping customized for each business.

Bookkeeping packages at 8CorePlus combats the drawbacks of many entrepreneurs i.e., scarcity of time, knowledge, and lack of enthusiasm for data entry. Our experienced staffs have customized bookkeeping that integrates with your business model, whether small or big. In fact, we can direct you based on your model.

The customized services that suit your business are formulated keeping you and your business.

The following approach is utilized for stress free bookkeeping:

  • Start conversation
  • Meet/speak one-on-one to understand you and your business needs
  • Review your requirements based on examination of records
  • Outline the template of bookkeeping customized for you

  • Once you hire us, you can rest assured that bringing 8CorePlus on with experienced professionals with makes data entry and maintenance of records stress free, efficient, and cost effective.