New Business Formation

Entrepreneurship – hallmark of American Dream.

Starting, operating, and owning one’s own business comes with several hardship and difficulties. Managing all aspects of setting up and running a business – are basic keys for success. Inability to manage these pre-requisite can result in failure.

8CorePlus provides aspiring entrepreneurs with specialized services including expert guidance that outlines needed strategy and a plan for future that lays out - short term and long term – goals using meticulous method that will foster your desire to start business avoiding mistakes – conscious and unconscious.

Experts at 8CorePlus will empower you with business plan outlining the following:

  • Documentation to register the business.
  • Applications and records required to set-up business.
  • Guidance for marketing, financial planning, and management.
  • Help choosing accounting software package to meet the needs of your business.
  • Ways to monitor budget.
  • Generate initial cash flow.
  • Help you anticipate any obstacles and develop backup cash flow.
  • Project ways to maximize cash flow for growth and its maintenance.
  • Initiate and create billing system, collection policies, and procedures.
  • Provide guidance, plan, and set-up of ancillary services.