Cash Flow Management

Imbalance has been considered to be detrimental at personal and professional levels. But, as a business owner, equilibrium shifting towards increased cash-in rather than cash-out makes business prosperous.

8CorePlus provides you with judicious cash management services that enables you and your business with:

  • Succinct information about when, where, and how your cash needs arise.
  • Knowledge about potential avenues to generate additional revenue to tilt the scale in the direction of 'cash-in'.
  • Prepares you with ability to be ready when financial needs occur, by maintaining excellent relationships with creditors, bankers, and other financial agents.

Services offered at 8CorePlus can be the first step in developing and maintaining healthy cash flow/reserve to mitigate cash crisis, if it occurs. Experts at 8CorePlus can project for you any possible hurdles that may arise and ways to mitigate such difficulties.

8CorePlus will empower you to develop both short-term (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly) cash flow projections/goals in conjunction with long-term (mid-year, annual, 3-5 year) cash flow projections to identify and implement financial strategies.

At the core of our services, is monitoring and documentation of cash flow statements/records to educate and inform you about your business tendencies regarding cash flow. Accurate, efficient, and organized documentation can help with:

  • Obtain line of credit.
  • Cash collection strategies.
  • Effective collection procedures.
  • Effective payment guidelines/plans.
  • Ways to maximize financial health specifically with your idle cash.