Paying employees can take away precious time away from running your business due to complex federal/state laws and IRS guidelines.

The intricacy of these can make payroll time consuming task for a business operation.

8CorePlus provides professional payroll services that syncs with the needs of your business, whether small or large, affording time to let the businesses what they do best – providing your customers best services/products.

The foundation of payroll services provided at 8CorePlus include the following:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Professional and expert staff allows us to handle payroll services to meet your needs managing legalities associated with paying your employees. You can rely on us to minimize unwanted cost that can make such services expensive and stressful given legalities due to laws/IRS.
  • Time Efficiency: Modernize payroll system utilized by our staff can get rid of burden of learning, updating, and appropriately maintaining independent payroll system. Our staff will take care of needed data entry within the realms of current laws.
  • Ease of Tax Filing: Afraid of hassle associated with tax filing? Payroll package can eliminate the complications involved in filing Federal, State, and Local taxes. Our staff ensures that they are up-to-date with ever evolving tax laws, so you don’t have to expend precious time worrying about knowing them and subsequently pay taxes.
  • Free up your valuable time: Our commitment to help your business operate flawlessly without any hiccups associated with accounting needs such as paying employees can allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, as we can provide services for smooth payroll.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Payroll packages provide you with easy to read and understand comprehensive, accurate, and efficient payroll reports that are essential for records keeping and business operation.