Tax Services for Business and Individuals

Tax Preparation has been deemed as one of the most anxiety-provoking situation – personal and/or professional.

With ever changing laws, rules, and intricacies associated with tax preparation, it can be daunting and can leave a business owner and/or individual with many questions.

Hiring professional for filing taxes has also become a difficult proposition due to complexity and soaring cost. Out of pocket cost has been slowly increasing for tax preparations, even if one is filing a simple tax return.

At 8CorePlus, we have the experts that ensure awareness, understanding, and applicability of laws/rules that change from year to year. Our team can help you file your returns accurately without errors that can impact your deductions, credits, returns, and/or payment. The staff will help you minimize your tax liability with careful financial planning.

Tax Preparation services provided by 8CorePlus include:

  • Individual Tax Preparation
  • Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Out-of-State Individual/Business Returns
  • Business Start-ups
  • Partnership and/or Corporation Tax Preparations
  • Gift/Estate Tax Return Preparation

  • Additional, Tax services provided are:

  • Sales tax/business license/personal property tax.
  • Multi-state tax returns.
  • Estimated, annual and quarterly taxes.
  • Tax analysis and planning.
  • Amendment your tax returns.
  • Prepare previous year’s tax return.
  • Payment plans with IRS or state tax board.
  • Advice and represent clients needing help regarding IRS concerns.

  • Our tax preparation experts will aid you with tax planning incorporating the following:

  • Defer income to help you save money now and pay less taxes in the future.
  • Keep more of your earning possible by lowering taxes on your income.
  • Help beneficiaries keep more of what was given by lowering taxes on Estate/Gifts.
  • Maintain lifestyle by lowering taxes on investments and retirement distributions.

  • ** Tax services by Qualified CPA